Welcome to the page of Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) of ProMosaik Group. We are an international provider for translation and interpreting, online courses, and publishing services.
In regard to the available technology, the video remote interpretation has an interpreter translating the conversation in real-time into one or more languages over a video call.

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The advantage offered by Video Remote Interpreting

Settings in which ProMosaik supports your communication through Video Remote Interpreting

If the video remote interpreting is used in the context of webinars and webcasts it will help you attract and engage an international audience. It will give you the opportunity to be heard all around the globe.

If the video remote interpreting is used in a business meeting, it will give you the chance to ensure an accurate communication with your international business partners and clients over video calls supported by a professional interpreter from ProMosaik.

In the context of eLearning, VRI is a great option as it encourages multilingual learning for students, as well as professionals studying online with the help of ProMosaik.

Diplomatic meetings can be optimally supported by VRI-professionals. So, you can communicate in the most efficient manner with your international delegates.

At medical consultations, the mutual understanding between a patient and a physician is essential to save life and improve the health of a patient. VRI is the perfect tool offered by ProMosaik to ensure the perfect comprehension of information during medical visits in hospitals and clinics.

Another application area of VRI is the online training of professionals and teams operating in all imaginable industries and working abroad. The interpreter supports them to guarantee the ideal collaboration with the local teams who speak a different language.

Virtual interviews are often the ideal solution for HR departments to get to know their potential collaborators. International candidates can be optimally interviewed if the interpreter of ProMosaik helps them with his/her linguistic skills.

Virtual conferences can be accompanied by a ProMosaik VRI-expert to facilitate communication with your audience at international conferences.

Organisations for Human Rights can profit from the VRI service offered by ProMosaik to facilitate the communication with refugees and victims of human rights violations all over the world, even in situations of war and humanitarian crisis where no interpreter can be sent to work on-site.

Modes of video interpretation offered by ProMosaik

Why clients choose ProMosaik when it comes to Video Remote Interpreting

  • We are always on time

  • We are reliable

  • Our interpreters are professional and friendly

  • We choose the best interpreter for your industry or area of activity

  • Our project management team is always on your side to answer any questions that might arise

  • We are flexible

  • We focus on data protection and secrecy

  • We are trustworthy and professional

  • We care about people, and we love what we do.

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