ProMosaik Press Portal’s creation was based on the concept of bringing together different people, languages, cultures and religions. Our community was consequently established with our combined years of experience as translators, intellectuals, journalists, human rights activists, and authors.

Our portal provides you with the opportunity to express your own views on political, cultural, human rights-related and social matters; to translate and introduce texts from other languages; to write reviews about books, conferences, and movies; to publish news about various subjects including culture, languages, religions, peace education, literature, human rights, and interreligious and intercultural dialogue; to exchange views with other people on our blog, or chat over Skype and the social media of our portal; and to introduce your own initiatives and projects in the social and cultural field, and in the field of development aid and human rights. But most important of all, you can do all this and have your submissions published for free on ProMosaik’s website and blog.

As professional translators, we can dynamically support intercultural communication by translating articles and books from different languages with a view to building bridges between cultures, peoples, and religions while working for a better world wherein peace and justice will prevail.

ProMosaik — with its modest socio-political work — is consequently an intercultural and interreligious portal working for dialogue and peace so as to build a more colourful, tolerant, and peaceful world: a world where the many different stones forming a mosaic will peacefully unite different cultures without intruding on their diversity and individuality.

If you are a writer, translator, language teacher, human rights activist, journalist, or are simply interested in culture with all its facets, then you are most welcome to join us.

We also provide associations with the opportunity to introduce their own projects and initiatives on our blog and portal. We also conduct interviews with associations about their activities and objectives.

Furthermore, we offer online language courses through our Interlanguage program and translations via our translation office ProMosaik Trans.

On our page you will also find a Bookshop which is constantly updated with the introduction of books about the main subjects of interest to our readers.

Finally, we also offer courses and internships for students and lateral entrants interested in the translating profession within the field of human rights, intercultural dialogue and peace.

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Please feel free to either call or write to us, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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