Yearbook ProMosaik e.V. – August 2015

Dear Readers,
the year 2015 is a year of big negative and positive overthrows and changes, a year full of wars and resistance all over the world. A year of civil wars, political games with the lives of civilians, a year full of sorrow and injustice. A storied year.


Here you can find our contributions of the month of August 2015.


syrer lateinamerika



At the same time it was a year full of resistance against the violation of human rights and against the injustice which is so heavy on our world. It was a year of SMALL PEOPLE like us. It was the year of those who say NO when they see a genocide happening, who say NO when violence against civilians happens, who say NO when people are discriminated for what reason ever.


The associatios ProMosaik e.V. is committed to a colourful world in which intercultural and interreligious empathy, human rights, peace and justice rank first.

It is exactly on this basis that we have been engaged on our blog since the middle of July 2014. We write for peace. We write for justice. And we oppose to violations of human rights. We oppose to colonialism and neo-liberalism which let children die of hunger all over the world. And we oppose to torture. And we oppose to Great Powers, arms lobbies and apartheid states.


We look forward to reading your feedback about this almanac. We look forward to welcoming new authors who would like to cooperate with us and send us articles we are very happy to publish.

I also would like to invite new associations to get in touch with us to introduce for free their association on our association portal.


I also would like to ask you to kindly come back to us if you want to be interviewed about your work for human rights or about your socio-political engagement.


We are also happy to welcome everyone who wants to introduce a book on our review portal.


If you would like to support us as sponsor, we are very happy to welcome you. You can decide into which your donation should be invested, either in our all day work or into a special book or article within our thematic areas.


We would like to welcome you all. Since ProMosaik e.V. for us means all of you. And we would like to thank everyone who strongly supported us this year.


To all readers of the association ProMosaik e.V. we would like to  wish a TIME full of HARMONY, KNOWLEDGE and PEACE.


Thank you so much
Dr. phil. Milena Rampoldi
Editor-in-Chief of the Association ProMosaik e.V.