The tragedy of Palestine and its children

Introducing this collection of articles written by the author of the novel Hiramic Brotherhood of the Third Temple is easy and difficult at the same time. It is easy if we understand how important our children are and that only if we feel that all children of this world are our children, peace and justice will come. But it is extremely difficult if we look at the Middle East at the moment, and in particular at Israel and Palestine. For the author, the inspiration for this book was the children of Palestine. William Hanna is really concerned about the destiny and the annihilation of the future of Palestinian children caused by a tragedy he names Zionism. As convinced anti-Zionist and as an atheist respecting religious freedom he appeals to the Jewish conscience and to the conscience of Western nations who hide Israeli crimes to show us how hope comes from. Hope comes from justice and peace. Only a long-lasting peace based on justice can give Palestinian children a future lived in safety and welfare. 


In the introduction to the articles, ProMosaik e.V. presents two interviews, one of the editorial William Hanna of this summer, and the second of William Hanna with the chairman of the association Dr. phil. Milena Rampoldi. The most interesting point is the manipulation of religion to perpetuate a culture of war and oppression. Judaism is a religion of peace and life, as it says in Mishna: “Who saves a soul, saves the whole world” and in Islam they say “If you kill one person, you kill all humanity”. So Semitic religions are religions of peace, if interpreted in the right way.

So the situation of today’s Israel cannot have any relation to Judaism, because it strongly opposed the real ethics and the authentic spirit of Judaism as religion and culture. So the cause of this tragedy of Palestinian children must be found in Zionism, Apartheid, Western silence and Western imperialism and armaments lobbys. Colonialist forces always want to perpetuate a culture of war to earn of it. This is a reality the media do not want to show. The cowardliness of media is also heavily attacked in Hanna’s articles.