Textbook on International Human Rights by Rhona K.M. Smith


Truly global in coverage, the third edition of Textbook on International Human Rights provides a concise introduction for newcomers to the subject. Beginning with a brief analysis of the development of international human rights and the history of the subject, the text allows full consideration of the work of the UN before turning in more detail to regional systems of human rights, focusing on Europe, the Americas and Africa. The second half of the book looks at a variety of substantive rights ranging from the right to liberty to the right to work and the right to education, with illustrations from both regional and international law. 
The strength of the The Textbook on Interntational Human Rights lies in its clarity and broad scope, with the focus on making the subject easily accessible to those with little or no prior knowledge of the subject. The author guides students through the complexities of each topic before providing a wealth of recommendations for further reading, essential cases and useful websites at the end of each chapter. 
Textbook on International Human Rights continues to be relied on by students worldwide as the first book to turn to for clear, accurate coverage and guidance for further research. 
Online Resource Centre
The textbook is also supported by a website providing case updates, extended referencing and links to relevant websites.