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Privately Financed Foreign Students

Privately financed foreign  students are accepted at Japanese universities and graduate schools, etc., in   one of two ways:

i) The student is accepted after domestic or foreign selection upon applying directly to the   school from his or her own country.

 ii) The student   first enrolls in a private Japanese-language institute and completes   preparatory education of about one-year in duration. The student then applies   to the school of his or her choice.

In either case, a student needs to go through the selection process designated by the particular university   or graduate school. In many cases, a student will have to sit for an entrance   examination in Japan.

Because the process differs according to the university(   or graduate school(,   please be sure to confirm the selection process.

What examinations do I need to take in order to enroll in a Japanese University?



In order to be accepted at a Japanese university, you will need to pass the examinations (including those   listed below) designated by the university.

For details, please refer to   Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) (
Gateway to Study in Japan
web site or inquire directly to the school that you would like to apply to.

1) Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students

The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) (   is a test carried out by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)   since 2002. It serves to evaluate whether foreign students who wish to enroll   at the undergraduate level at a Japanese university, etc., possess the   necessary Japanese language skills and basic academic abilities to study at such institutions. EJU is also available in designated areas overseas and   some universities, etc., use the EJU score to grant pre-arrival admission   without the need for prospective students to travel to Japan. There is a   reservation program for the Honors Scholarships for Privately Financed   International Students that is available after enrollment to a university,   etc., to examinees who achieve a superior score on the EJU.

 – FY2012 EJU Guidelines –  

 2) Japanese Language Proficiency Test

 The Japan Foundation (overseas  examinations) and the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (domestic   examinations) hold the Japanese Language Proficiency Test to evaluate the   level of examinees’ Japanese language proficiency.



What do I need to do to enroll in a graduate school?

Students wishing to enroll in a   full-time master’s or doctor’s program as well as those wishing to become   research students generally need to go through a documentary examination or   entrance examination either in Japan or abroad. It may also become necessary   for the student to find and obtain the informal consent of a supervising   instructor prior to application. Please inquire at the graduate school to   which you intend to apply for details.



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