Sona Kumar of Sona Sarovar Trust – Her project idea started when she was offered a bowl of dirty water to wash hands.

By Milena Rampoldi and Denise Nanni, ProMosaik. In the following interview we are moving to India where we talked to Mrs Sona Kumar. Her project idea started when she was offered a bowl of dirty water to wash hands. Her organisation Sona Sarovar Trust works to improve living conditions of children in slum. Would like to thank her for her time. 

What are the objectives of Sona Sarovar?
Our Mission is to protect the Slum Children from Anti Social Elements hovering in the vicinity day & night.

We ensure that not only their health improves but their Grades are raised in Academic Sphere  & engage them in extra curriculum activities of their liking, admission in College etc.& their confidence level is raised to enable them to compete in world outside the slum.
We also plan to convert the Slum into a Clean & Green place.

What are the main social issues in the region where you intervene?

As parents are illiterate & too poor to afford tuition, their grades keep on falling every year resulting in school drop out.
Parents also welcome it as it leads  to extra income by sending them to work.
Children are malnourished which leads to sickness & poor attendance in school.
Most ladies are not allowed to work outside.

How do you promote community empowerment?

We conduct Medical Camps for the residents of the Slum.
We have started Adult Education & Income Generation Activities for ladies.
We provide ration, sewing machines, financial help for children’s education, medical help to the needy women.


How do you support slum children?

We run a Nursery School & Tuition class for slum children.
We get medical check up done in the beginning of the session & get their hemoglobin tests done.
Kids with low hemoglobin are given Iron supplements.
We serve a glass of milk, banana, dates, special ladoos to them on regular basis.
Birthdays are celebrated every month & cake & snacks is served to all & gifts are given to the concerned children.
We encourage them to participate in extra curriculum activities & participate in Inter School competitions.
We take them out for Picnic & Parties.

Do you cooperate with local authorities and institutions? If yes, how?

We cooperate with local leaders & arrange functions on their behalf like celebration of Maharashtra Day, Women’s Day etc..
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