Shabbir Ahmed Buledi – HDO in Baluchistan for youth and women empowerment

by Denise Nanni and Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik. In the following our interview with HDO in the region of Baluchistan in Pakistan. We talked to Mr Shabbir Ahmed Buledi about the activities of the organisation which supports women empowerment and children. Another focus of the organisation is the support to elderly people. I would like to thank Shabbir for his support and all the photos we sent us. For ProMosaik, it is essential to show different realities and approaches to learn from eachother how to help and empower communities. 

 What is the main issue that you address at HDO?
HDO is such organization whose idea is to empower and encourage young people for Decision making in all fields of life such as Youth Development, Social Justice, Self Reliance, Gender Equality, Capacity Building, Poverty Alleviation, Rural Development, Political Participation, Interfaith < Harmony, Entrepreneurship, services to the remote areas of Baluchistan.

How do you promote women empowerment? 

It is beyond any doubt that women play a significant role in development of society. History bears the testimony to the greatness of women as vibrant members of society But, it is unfortunate that their efforts have not been given due recognition in society. In the name of various customs, rituals and practices, women are being deprived of the legitimate rights To Make Pakistan a country where women enjoy equal rights & respect, the same level of decision making authority and equal mobility and protection under law as their male counter parts. I am working to promote women’s access through networking, lobbing, capacity building, awareness raising sessions, community ownership, and livelihood and economical development on many issues and problems which the females are facing in the society like economical Empowerment , political Participation ,  and social empowerment, Gender Based violence , Leadership Development of Community women , Personal Status of Laws , Gender sensitization , Girls educations , Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights , Women Rights, Early Child Marriages and Force Marriages , Advocacy .
Can you tell me more about the Youth development leadership program?
HDO has established to bring lightning in the lives of disappointed youths, where they were living uselessly with no idea of future and career. A ray of light for those disappointed segment of population who have been neglected since long. Thus, HDO has been formed initially with high aim of struggle for betterment of society. Our Journey and struggle are continued and youngsters are joining us day by day for achievement of our objectives which I think and consider is the great achievement of our struggle. With the passage of time, HDO has been able to achieve a number of successes till today. Youth development is a process that prepares a young person to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood and achieve his/her full potential. Youth development is promoted through activities and experiences that help youth to develop social, ethical, emotional, physical, and cognitive competencies. Youth leadership is part of the youth development process and supports the young person in developing: (a) the ability to analyze his or her own strengths and weaknesses, set personal and vocational goals, and have the self-esteem, confidence, motivation, and abilities to carry them out (including the ability to establish support networks in order to fully participate in community life and it effects positive social change,  I have Delivered Number of Sessions With Youth and Also Conducted Number of Seminars and Trainings for Youth, I had Worked on Leadership Development , Self-based Skill Development , Advocacy for Youth Policy , Trainings for Youth on Political Empowerments, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights , Economical Development , Social Media Positive Use , Technical Education, Small Enterprises Development , these all activities we have done from since 2006 when we Establish Helper Development Organization (HDO) 
How has civil society been responsive so far?
 Civil society of Pakistan has its own and very impressive role in Pakistani society and history. Civil society particularly the non-governmental organization has played a vital role for the empowerment and protection of women and promotion of human rights in Pakistan. In recent past many amendments made possible with the support of some civil society organizations, the Women’s protection at workplace, Provincial Youth policy in Punjab and KPK and prevention of early age marriages bill of Sindh province are some examples of civil society’s contribution in this regards.
Do you cooperate with local authorities and institutions? If yes how?

Yes we are attached with Government and Governmental Institutions through Networking the Government officials participated and Help our Programs. I am pleased to share that I am Deputy Chief Coordinator of National Peace and Justice Council Government of Pakistan in Jaffarabad.