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ProMosaik’s daily brief is committed to a culture characterized by peace, diversity, and social justice. And to achieve this aim, your valuable assistance is required.

It is ProMosaik’s sincere belief that greater visibility of your work can be achieved through cooperation in the publication and diffusion of your valuable writing.

The ProMosaik international portal engages in human rights, human dignity, equality, intercultural empathy, and interfaith dialogue.

We publish thesis and dissertations relating to intercultural and interfaith issues, human rights, and peace.

Submissions will be welcomed, read, and evaluated according to the levels of interest; an introductory interview will be carried out with the author and excerpts of his/her work will be published in the social media and on ProMosaik’s blog and website. The entire procedure will include the production of a video regarding the subject matter which will then be published as a book.

A proposal for cooperation with ProMosaik for publication of any other project of yours on its website will also be welcomed.

Publication is free of charge apart from a nominal payment being required to cover layout and administration costs.

Please feel free to submit your work at any time with your personal details. If, however, you wish to be published anonymously or under a pen name, then please inform us of your wish when submitting your work.



Submissions can be sent to the founder and general manager of ProMosaik, Milena Rampoldi, at the following email address:


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