Translation Training  

at Promosaik Press Portal

in the field of Alternative Journalism and Human Rights

ProMosaik was founded with the aim to put people, languages, and religions together, by esteeming their diversity and particularity and it is formed of a network of authors, translators, human rights activists and journalists.

We engage for the protection of human rights in all cultures and religions. One of our main activity consists in the translation of articles, books, and research works from other languages. In addition, on our press portal we also publish news about subjects like culture, religion, peace education and dialogue. These are the main principles on which we base our all-day work and that we transmit with passion and engagement.

Within the scope of the internship offered for free to the candidates the trainees interested in a participation to the project must complete the following tasks:

– A planning discussion of about 1 hour per week over Skype with the Editorial Department of ProMosaik and its competent tutor. In this discussion, the aim is being pursued of planning together with the common work of the week in joint agreement;

– Translation of five articles (of 600-1500 words) per week from the chosen foreign language into their own native language.

The translations are corrected by the native tutor and published on the press portal of ProMosaik. The translator’s name will be indicated, unless the intern prefers not.

– Research of materials in the foreign language about a subject chosen by the trainee. The fields in which the research must be carried out are the following: human rights, Islam and Islamic world, pacifism and militarism, colonialism and imperialism, Israel/Palestine, cultural diversity, feminism and women rights, religion and interreligious dialogue, migration and refugees, racism and discrimination.

– An article written by the trainee about one of the subjects indicated in the previous paragraph which, at the trainee’s option, can be written in the native or in the source language the trainee translates from. The subject of the article, which has to contain 600-1500 words, will be chosen by the trainee at the beginning of the week and be discussed with the tutor over Skype in the weekly planning discussion.

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Participation Conditions

Prerequisite for participation: You study at the university or you have already completed your studies and are looking for a job. The internship puts you into the position to deepen your languages knowledge and to acquire knowledge and competences in different fields.

After the completion of the internship of at least eight months, the trainee gets a participation confirmation with the evaluation of her/his work. All the articles she/he translates and writes are published by ProMosaik on its own pages and on pages of partner organizations.



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If you need further information about the internship and its course, contact Abby Garcia, Communication Manager of ProMosaik and Milena Rampoldi, Editor-in-Chief of ProMosaik Press Portal.

ProMosaik is always looking for new, motivated talents sharing the basic principles of the portal and having a strong passion for languages in the broadest sense, as much as perceive the intermediation activity of the language – since language transmits ideas, thoughts, opinions, concepts, and cultural and religious heritage.

If you are interested in a practical experience in the field of translation, send us your CV to



Thank you!


The Founder and General Manager of ProMosaik

Milena Rampoldi