ProMosaik e.V. interviews Gilad Atzmon – Introduction

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I am so happy to publish the interview of ProMosaik e.V. with the artist and thinker Gilad Atzmon today.

For all of you, who do not know him already,
here a couple of examples of his wonderful music:

And apart from being a great musician, composer, and also a funny guy, he cares about Palestine and is a convinced anti-Zionist!!!

Look at this concert in Turkey last month….

Behind it says:

There is one Palestine, and again there will be one Palestine.


He is a pro-Palestinian activist!!
On his website you can find the books, the music, this thoughts…
Here you go with a couple of very impressing quotations I would like to publish before the interview with him-
Thanks for your time, Gilad!!
Occasionally Israeli political and military leadership fail to survive Israeli wars. PM Golda Meir and her Chief Of Staff (David “Dado” Elazar) were sent home after the 1973 blunder (Yom Kippur war). PM Menachem Begin lost his sanity after the first Lebanon war (1982). Defense Minister Amir Peretz and his Chief Of Staff’ Dan Halutz’ were treated harshly by the Israeli media following the 2006 defeat in Lebanon. PM Benjamin Netanyahu is now paying a price for the recent Israeli disaster in Gaza and the Palestinian uprising that followed.


Strong nations tend to unite behind their leaders in times of crisis. The Israelis are spoiled. They prefer to turn against their leaders in times of conflict and not because they crave peace. Quite the opposite, they want to see a conclusive victory; buckets of Arab blood. Bibi didn’t provide the goods and in the eyes of many Israeli patriots he was a softy. 

Although Zionism typically represents itself as the solution to anti-Semitism, the truth is less flattering. In fact, hostility toward Jews is indispensable to the cause of Jewish nationalism. If anti-Semitism didn’t exist, Zionists would have to invent it.


As a thinker and an artist stimulated by challenge and titillated by intellectual provocation, I prefer to deal with hard core Zionists and Israeli Right wing ideologues rather than with the so-called ‘anti’ and their culture of deceit.  At least with Zionists, I know exactly what I am up against.   




Happy to read your comments!!

Dr. phil. Milena Rampoldi – ProMosaik e.V.