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For us ProMosaik Poetry is a virtual and real space for collecting and at the same transmitting poetry by publishing and reading texts translated into several languages ​​by our team of translators, poets, and intellectuals.

Taking into account the current situation, the difficulties inherent to our lifestyle and the continuous unrest that affects the era of globalization, poetry and poetic activity are just deterrents to change, to act, to struggle, but especially to apply a visible ideology that is not strictly utopian but real.

We firmly believe that each poem has a sociopolitical message as poets show their feelings, hope and thoughts to a world overwhelmed by chaos, uncertainty, war and violence. Poets oppose this world and at the same time describe, capture, process and transmit it. So, poetry in this sense becomes a social and political force promoting innovation and change, and shaking in the intercultural and interreligious sense so that it is the universal language of the human soul.

The poetry of daily life, urban poetry, in turn analyzes a worldview that denounces in some cases the sense of politics, religious, social, cultural, sexual elements of those who feel discriminated. We often do not realize about the difficulty to breathe and the continuous demarcation of an area which is quite oppressed by a social class with little attention to feelings and unfit for a new form of language that wants to be free and not manipulated.

The metropolis of the world and their languages ​​have in some sense moved away or united countries.

Therefore, our goal is to involve the entire Islamic world, Africa and Latin America, with an emphasis on tolerance, peace and respect for the dignity and diversity of others, to help others to a new knowledge of the existing facts, without forgetting anyone.

Africa, its history and African poetry, Latin America and the Islamic world which can be identified by the poetic language that in other contexts often seems to be isolated.

The aim of the project is to promote dialogue between cultures and religions through a universal language that promotes peace between countries and is aimed at poetry without marginalizing it.

To participate in the project as a translator, poet, proofreader, editor and illustrator, you can write us to

The publications of ProMosaik Poetry are financed by ProMosaik LAPH with the invaluable support of our sponsors and volunteers.

Many thanks and best regards

Milena Rampoldi.

Editor-in-Chief of ProMosaik

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