Nigeria: Ethno-Religious and Socio-Political Violence and Pacifism in Northern Nigeria

This is the book for those who are seeking an understanding of the roots of the religious and political conflict in Northern Nigeria. This book is for those who want to understand the role of ethnic communities in peacemaking. Complementing ethnic commitments, the book also explores the dynamic ways ethnic loyalties can fray the fabric needed for healthy ethnic diversity. The issues of unity within diversity are addressed forthrightly. This book is for those who want to explore the essential nature of Islam as a peace movement. Complementing that quest, the author also explores the essence of the gospel as a movement for reconciliation. This book is for those who seek a realistic understanding of the nature of conflict and its seemingly intractable stranglehold on societies enmeshed in Muslim-Christian discord. This book is for those who are enlivened and challenged by narratives that unlock the central themes of political and spiritual engagement. Horrible accounts of conflict are described. Also included are accounts of earnest quest for peacemaking in times like these. This book is for those who are committed to the quest for a way for political and spiritual resources to enhance peacemaking cooperation. It is a quest for a way for political, economic, and religious themes to flow together in creating healthy civil society wherein both Muslim and Christian will work together in a quest for collegial relations. This book is for those who are earnestly committed to walking the way of Jesus in embracing the suffering love revealed in the open and inviting arms of the Lamb of God on the cross. This book is a revelation of the reconciling love of Jesus, bringing hope within broken hearts.