Islam And The Jews: The unfinished battle

What fuels the conflict?
There are powerful cultural and spiritual forces that explain…

  • Why Palestinians reject peace offers
  • Why radical Muslims attach Israel’s supporters, especially Americans
  • The role of Christians in unfolding world events
  • Why, if Islam is a religion of peace, Muslims kill Jews in the name of Allah, their god Why the Quran calls Jews “the children of monkeys and pigs”

“I didn’t just do research about Islam; I lived if for thirty-four years!” -Mark Gabriel

 “Dr. Gabriels transformation from devout Muslim is a powerful reminder of how love can indeed conquer hate. His bold change of heart prompts him to bless the Jewish people rather than curse and hate them.” -Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

“Islam and the Jews reveals the secret agenda that is not being told by the media. I wish U.S. government officials would read this book.” -Sid Roth, President, Messianic Vision