Interview with Secil Kuyucak of IOM. (International Organization for Migration).

by Fabio Testini, ProMosaik Italia, June 20, 2016 

Our interview with Secil Kuyucak of IOM (International Organization for Migration) 

– How come you decided to do this job? 

It was always my dream to work in the NGO sector. I work for IOM (International Organization for Migration). I speak 4 languages and I’m good at coping in stressfful situations with little support. 

– Being a woman with a multicultural background has hindered or helped you in your work?

It depends, going to the border wasnt always easy but being a woman helps with suppliers.  It facilitates Procurement.

– What do you remember about your first day at the borders? What stories did you collect during your job? 
Many vulnerable Syrian families.  Once a family offered me their baby because they couldn’t take care of it.

– How have you seen the immigrant/refugees population change since then and what has driven those changes?
It is getting worse. Hope is diminishing every passing year. Poverty and disparity are increasing.

– What are the main problems/real needs for immigrants/refugees? 
Income, housing, jobs, recognition from Turkish Republic, residency permit, children going to school, food security, protection  gender based violence, refugee lawsand rights, etc. 

– When do you think will end this wave of migrants/refugees? Tell us your opinion/prediction about the next future for them.

I think as long as Assad will remain in power, it wont end. Syria will probably be divided in 3 and reconstruction will last 10+ years.  TheSyrians in Turkey will integrate and eventually become Turkish citizens.