ProMosaik Interlanguage: Online Language Courses

Since its foundation, the association ProMosaik, which focusses on tolerance and promotion of cultural diversity, has used different languages to engage itself for peace and human rights in different cultures and religions.


From the synergy of members and supporters of the association, a new project has been created following several months of association discussions, and concerns the offer of online language tuition courses over Skype. Such activity ideally fits with the association’s focus on languages and cultural diversity and helps practical implementation of the linguistic-cultural vision of ProMosaik.

The members of ProMosaik are aware that language and culture are two sides of the same coin. Languages represent cultural expressions whose linguistic forms to diffuse a message. Cultural comprehension can only occur with an understanding of any given culture’s spoken language. In this sense, language courses represent an efficient means of getting acquainted with different people’s cultures. For us language means intercultural dialogue and as a consequence such cultural exchanges and transmission between different people’s serves to enlighten and enrich the comprehension, respect for, and appreciation of other people’s cultures.


Implementation of the Project 


Many members of the association ProMosaik are language teachers with the necessary linguistic-cultural competences to teach languages. In order to overcome the unavoidable problem of geographic distances, the well-known program Skype will be used. By using Skype’s teleconferencing, students can participate in the language course while being directly in contact with their tutors.


Requests for language courses, may be made by directly contacting the editorial team of ProMosaik by email or by phone. Your request should include information about the language you would like to study and the time schedule that would best suit you. Then, the editorial team of ProMosaik intermediates between demand and offer and cares about the organisational aspects of the language course.


The Skype technology eliminates costs: there are no specific rooms, because we use Skype as place of encounter between teacher and learner so that they can get in touch directly one with another. The language courses offered over Skype are cost-effective: one lessons costs 25,00 Euro. 5,00 Euro are destined to the association offering the service. For group courses, the total is split under the participants.


The most obvious advantage of online courses is their flexibility. In some cases, the fix time schedules of traditional offers can be an obstacle. Since even the most motivated learners face the challenge of having to adapt the time schedule of the course to their personal time schedule. But with courses over Skype this problem can be solved easily: the courses are carried out at advantageous times for the learner(s) by adapting them to their time schedule.


We are convinced that this new offer can be interesting for many users. Therefore, we would be very happy to provide more information about this new and precious service to all who may be interested in it.


Write us to:


At the moment, we can offer language course for the following languages:


German, English, Italian, French, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, and Russian.


We are very happy to welcome you to an initial discussion over Skype to speak about your requests in order to put you in touch with your teacher.


The Editorial Team of ProMosaik