Immigration and Refugee Law and Policy, 5th (University Casebooks) (University Casebook Series)

Since its initial publication in 1992, this casebook has been adopted at 172 U.S. law schools. It mixes theory, policy, and politics with practice-oriented materials that deal in doctrine, planning, and problem-solving. The authors make heavy use of policy analysis, fact problems, and simulation exercises. The new edition replaces the combination of the 4th edition and the 2007 Supplement. It incorporates the sweeping changes of the past two years. Highlights include: The various elements of comprehensive immigration reform. New policy materials on the immigration debate and official EnglishA revamped chapter on undocumented immigrants, including a new section on the desirability and constitutionality of state and local interventionsNew developments on workplace raids, employer sanctions, and E-VerifyExpanded coverage of legalizationNew disciplinary rules for immigration practitionersAnalysis of the recent criminalization of immigration lawUpdates on gender-related persecution, FGM, and China’s one-child policyDiscussion of the narrowing of the social group definition by the BIA and the courtsEOIR controversies regarding consistency, independence, politicized hiring, and streamlining The Supreme Court decision in Boumediene and its implications for the plenary power doctrineNew developments on same-sex marriagesThe new labor attestation procedures for H-2As and H-2BsNew scholarship on citizenship and the rights of LPRsThe Attorney General’s Compean decision rejecting a constitutional right to effective counselThe material support for terrorism exclusionExpansion of the visa waiver programThe Attorney General’s Silva-Trevino decision on moral turpitude crimesThe Supreme Court decision in Nken on stays of removal pending judicial reviewNew case law on judicial review of denials of continuances and motions to reopenEmergence of the fugitive disentitlement doctrine barring judicial reviewThe Supreme Court decision in Nekusie on the duress exception to the persecutor exclusion .