by Denise Nanni, ProMosaik. In the following a short interview with Jiri of the NGO Hnuti Duhaabout environmental issues in the Czech Republik and about the importance of ecological awareness and its promotion. 

What are the main environmental issues in Czech Republic?
Air pollution from 1) coal power plants and heath factories (central heating mainly from coal), 2) individual coal boilers (about 300 000 households) 3) heavy industry in the Czech-Polish boarders (Silesia) and 4) transport in the cities. Carbon emissions (11 tons per year per capita) because coal. Huge coal open-cast mines.

Soil degradation and erosion (because of industrial agriculture). Most of forests are not natural and clear-cuted.

Recycling of only abou t35 % of municial waste, more than 50 % landfiled. 

Which ecological services do you offer?
We are mainly campaigning organization. So we propose new legislation or legislation changes, mobilize people and use media. We have several main campaigns: clean energy, wilderness in the Czech Republic, recycling, emission cuts (Climate Change Act).
In what ways do you raise awareness about environmental issues and how civil society has been responsive so far?
We mainly mobilize people but produce publications, websites and social media for education and awareness raising.
How important are civil society capacity building and media coverage in your activity?
Crucial. We need civil society and mobilization and media coverage for succesfull campaigning.
Do you cooperate with local authorities and institutions? If yes, how?

We are an independent NGO but we cooperate with authorities and we push for better environmental policies of political parties and authorities.