Genetic Revolution & Human Rights by Justine Burley (Editor)


Are eugenics practices morally defensible? Who should have access to g enetic information about particular individuals? What dangers for cult ural and racial diversity do developments in genetics pose? And how sh ould scientific research be regulated and by whom? These are some of t he questions addressed in this book, which comprises the 1998 Oxford A mnesty Lectures. The lecturers are all respected in their specific fie ld, including Hilary Putnam, Ian Wilmut (co-creator of ‘Dolly’ the she ep), and Jonathan Glover. Each lecture is proceeded by a discussion ar ticle written by prominent lawyers, scientists, and philosophers, and a foreword has been written by Richard Dawkins. Fascinating and though t-provoking, this book is essential reading for all those interested i n the future of genetics and humankind.