Free?: Stories About Human Rights


What does it mean to be free? Top authors donate their talents to explore the question in a compelling collection to benefit Amnesty International.

A boy who thinks that school is “slavery” learns the true meaning of the word when he stumbles on a secret child-labor factory. A Palestinian boy, mute from trauma, releases kites over a wall to a hilltop settlement, each bearing a message of peace. This inspiring, engaging anthology gathers an international roster of authors to explore such themes as asylum, law, education, and faith — from a riveting tale of an attempt to find drinking water after Hurricane Katrina; to a chilling look at a future where microchips track every citizen’s every move; to a hilarious police interrogation involving the London Tower, the Crown Jewels, and a Ghanaian boy with a passion for playing marbles. Features an introduction by British writer Jacqueline Wilson. 

With stories by: 
David Almond
Ibtisam Barakat 
Malorie Blackman
Theresa Breslin 
Eoin Colfer
Roddy Doyle 
Ursula Dubosarsky
Jamila Gavin 
Margaret Mahy
Patricia McCormick 
Michael Morpurgo
Sarah Mussi 
Meja Mwangi
Rita Williams-Garcia