Our association publishes and translates literature that promotes the intercultural and interreligious dialogue and deals with subjects that are related to cultural and literary aspects in their widest sense.

We offer authors the opportunity to publish books, comments, articles and opinions so far not published, under their own name and free of charge, and thus make them available to a wide selection of readers all over the world.

At the same time, the association offers the opportunity that the written word is also translated into other languages. This will be carried out with the assistance of sponsors interested in the work of our association and thus financially support the translation of books.

The sponsors will either support the association directly or by an indirect sponsoring, as the association also provides translations for companies and where 50% of the profit is invested in the translation of our authors’ book projects.

If you are also an association involved with general cultural-, religious-, intercultural-, social- or literary subjects and you are not afraid of a peaceful and serious dialogue, we would be pleased to hear from you in order to present your association at our platform for an intercultural- and interreligious dialogue.



You, as an association, have also the chance to publish contributions under our section of News and Reviews.

This would also be an ideal opportunity to introduce your own association and promote your projects here.

As far as your association has its own homepage, we would be glad in turn, if you could provide a space for us so that we can draw attention to our association there.

We look forward to hear from you very soon.

Your  ProMosaik Team