Disciple of Peace: Alexander Campbell on Pacifism, Violence and the State

[Includes as an Apppendix, Alexander Campbell’s “Address on War.”] In DISCIPLE OF PEACE, Craig M. Watts offers the most comprehensive study ever done on the pacifism of Alexander Campbell. Watts not only provides a detailed examination of Campbell’s pacifist thought, he sets it in the broader context of the antebellum American peace movement, showing that this towering figure was neither isolated nor idiosyncratic in his thinking. Campbell offered an important challenge to the religious world of the 19th century. Watts ably conveys Campbell’s challenge to Christians facing war and violence in our time. *** “For some time I have been deeply dismayed that most Christians who claim Alexander Campbell as one of their spiritual forefathers know nothing of his critiques of violence and war. In these welcome and illuminating essays, Craig Watts hopes to put an end to such a travesty by documenting convincingly that Campbell firmly believed that restoring primitive Christianity meant leaving behind our penchant for war and violence.” – Philip Kenneson, author of LIFE ON THE VINE and Assoc. Prof. of Theology, Milligan College *** “This book is an indispensable help in assessing our contemporary cultural captivity to the nationalistic fervors and the militaristic idols which currently assail us.” – Lee Camp, author of MERE DISCIPLESHIP and Asst. Prof. of Christian Ethics Lipscomb Univ. *** “Craig Watts’ careful examination of Alexander Campbell’s pacifist sympathies bristles with historical and theological clarity and insight.” – Joe R. Jones, author of A GRAMMAR OF CHRISTIAN FAITH, and Prof. Emeritus, Christian Theological Seminary *** Craig M. Watts is a minister who has served Disciples of Christ congregations for over 25 years and is also the author of numerous articles on theology, ethics and preaching.