Collected Writings on Pacifism and Just War: War and Peace in the Nuclear Age

This is Bob McFadden’s second book. His first book, “Is the Bible Correct?” was a collection of essays that arose out of biblical and social ethical issues. That book centered on biblical interpretation. This book is focused on another interest that he has pursued throughout his life. Reared in a pacifist home and denomination, he became interested in international relations, the national interests of nations, and the responses of the Christian Churches to war and peace issues. When in High School, he attended a Youth Citizens Seminar sponsored by the church that was held in in Washington, D. C., and New York City. When in college, he became the first major in a new Peace Studies Program established by Dr. Gladdys Muir at Manchester University. In seminary and graduate school, he directed and participated in three International Student Work Camps in Europe. In graduate school at Boston University, he did his dissertation on Nuclear Pacifism vs. Nuclear Realism under Dr. L. Harold DeWolf, the first Just War theologian to argue for a “nuclear pacifist” position. This book is a collection of writings that emerged over the years. The first essay documents the differences between nonresistance, nonviolence and vocational pacifism. The second essay spotlights the significance of nuclear pacifism. Additional essays reflect the author’s growing interest in the just war traditions of the Christian Church as they were interpreted in the nuclear age. The essays not only reflect the various views of the author in war and peace issues, but also reflect those issues in the ecumenical Christian Church today. They continue to have value and relevance in the 21st century.