ProMosaik Bookshop

In collaboration with Amazon, the international press portal ProMosaik has started the new project of its Book Shop. This ProMosaik Book Shop consists of a selection of books we would like to introduce to our readers. Thanks to the increasing interest of the public in certain subjects treated by alternative journalism, we have decided to select books which may be of your interest. These books concern the main subjects we talk about in our articles, videos, interviews, and books and that we share with you on our portal.

The Book Shop is also in accordance with our main objectives consisting in the encounter among people, languages, cultures, and religions, in the tolerance and in the reciprocal respect of diversity. We have selected the following subjects which appeared important to us:

news1 Human Rights Cultural Diversity
Islam and Muslim World Feminism and Women’s Rights
Pacifism and Militarism World Religions and Interreligious Dialogue
Colonialism and Imperialism Migration and Refugees
Israel/Palestine Racism and Discrimination
We wish you all the best in the search of the book of your dreams!

If you would like to indicate us a book you may find interesting and you would like to see in our Book Shop, please send us the details so that our team can add the book to the shop.

Thank you so much!!
Denise Nanni & Milena Rampoldi
Press Portal ProMosaik