Annie Dieselberg of Nightlight – Women need an alternative to prostitution and the key is holistic care.

By Milena Rampoldi and Denise Nanni, ProMosaik. In the following our interview with Annie Dieselberg of Nightlight, an organisation for human rights operating in Thailand to prevent human trafficking. Women need an alternative to prostitution and the key is holistic care.



How was Nighlight founded?
Nightlight was founded by visionary founder Annie Dieselberg.  Annie and her husband Jeff came to Thailand as an IM missionary in 1994 and became increasingly aware of the need and risk while working alongside Panompon Utaisri in a slum community. From 2000-2005 Annie worked at Rahab Ministry where she grew in experience and vision and met the other co-founders. In 2005 the team launched NightLight to address the needs in the Nana area of Bangkok through a jewelry business. NightLight Design Company, Ltd. was officially registered in June of 2006.
What are your activities related to human trafficking prevention?
– Rescue and extraction, emergency assistance
– Repatriation
– Building and mentoring healthy families to prevent trafficking and sexual exploitation.
– Educational opportunities to provide alternatives and choices to individuals.
– Involving the church, schools, and communities in prevention programs.
– Childcare programs to break the cycles of abandonment and abuse.
– Awareness and advocacy campaigns in source, transit, and destination areas.
What services do you offer to human trafficking victims?
– Creating jobs for women as alternatives to prostitution which pay fair wages and provide benefits for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
– Job training and placement for women seeking alternative employment
– Business training and small loans for business start-ups
– Addressing the medical needs and concerns
– Nutrition and feeding programs
– Assisting with housing needs either through temporary shelter, rent, or finding a place to live.
– Counseling services
– Trauma training
– Peer group counseling
– Creative expression
– Family counseling and intervention
– Child protection
– Safe living or neighborhood
Did you develop, throughout time, a strategy that can be indicated as really affective into addressing the social inclusion of human trafficking’s victims?
It is hard to say something as affective across the board. However, we believe that creating a community that supports and cares for each member is the best solution. We have established that community with the women we employ at NightLight.         
Do you cooperate with local authorities and institutions? If yes, how?


Yes, we work with local government agencies especially when working with international women trafficked into Thailand. We aim to repatriate them to their home country and work with government agencies to that end.