ACRI’s Report about Israeli Legal Apartheid in the West Bank

Dear readers,


in the following we would like to present you a couple of quotations from the following report written by ACRI, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel.

On its website you can find many information about racism in Israel and many very interesting projects to fight racism, in particular by educational project in schools all over the country.


ProMosaik e.V. is convinced that ACRI does an excellent job!!





A report we have found on the website is a very interesting  description of the APARTHEID-LAW in the occupied territories of the Westbank.


In the following we just would like to present a couple of quotations from this very interesting report. Please read and share.


After every quotation we have put a picture to show the violence and discrimination Palestinians suffer in their own land.


thank you in advance for your solidarity!!


Dr. phil. Milena Rampoldi

Editorial Team of ProMosaik e.V.




































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