A Concise Introduction to World Religions, 2nd Edition

Based on the best-selling two-volume World Religions: Eastern and Western Traditions, this concise, contributed second edition is a survey of faiths throughout the world. Renowned scholars trace the origins and evolution of the major traditions, explain their essential teachings, outline their practices, and examine their interactions with modern culture and society, while insightful introductory and concluding essays suggest countless avenues for further reflection and study. With extracts from each tradition’s most important thinkers, both ancient and modern, along with timelines, maps, glossaries, guides to key geographic sites, annotated reading lists, vibrant color photographs, handy “Tradition at a Glance” summaries, and a brand-new chapter on new religious movements, A Concise Introduction to World Religions, Second Edition, offers a rich introduction to the subject.

ENGAGING PEDAGOGY: A wealth of learning tools throughout help students appreciate and understand world religions:

“Focus” boxes provide insight into rituals or practices that are specific to each religion, such as going to temple in the Jain tradition, the daily routine of liturgical prayers for Sikhs, and taboo words for male and female Shinto priests in Japan.

“Tradition at a Glance” sidebars offer an insightful overview of each tradition–covering founders, noteworthy doctrines, and distribution of adherents–facilitate comparative analysis, and serve as quick review references.

“Major Branches of” boxes break down the internal divisions and sects within each faith.

Chapter timelines highlight key events in each religion’s history. 

Detailed maps depict locations of important reference points for each tradition.

“Sites” boxes indicate locations of special significance to each tradition.

“Document” boxes highlight key passages from each tradition’s sacred texts.

End-of-chapter glossaries serve as quick-reference guides that help students learn and review key terms.


Instructor’s Manual:
Chapter overviews and notes
Classroom discussion questions

Test Generator:
For each chapter:
50 multiple-choice questions
20 true/false questions
10 short-answer questions
5 essay questions
Answer key with page references for all questions

PowerPoint-based Slides:
Fully revised and updated for the second edition 

Chapter summaries
List of learning objectives
For each chapter:
20 multiple-choice questions
5 short-answer questions
10 research paper questions
5 reflection questions 
List of 5-8 additional resources
Field trip guidelines