1By Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik. In the following my interview with the Russian artist Anja Shasherina. We asked her questions around the importance of art for the intercultural dialogue and peace.
How do you think that art can contribute to intercultural dialogue?
We live in a multiconfessional, multicultural world with a lot of points of misunderstanding. In  my opinion art is the best intercultural tool. 
It’s like a perfect dance. The best dialogue without any words spoken.
Art is the unique tool which can bring all cultures, religions, nationalities together without words or language spoken! Through art artist could deliver joy, pain, sadness, other emotions and opinions which couldn’t of been expressed any other way. 
What does art mean to you personally?
To me personally art is the greatest way to express myself and deliver to  people around me the emotions I couldn’t of express any other way. 
This is my favorite instrumentality, my self realisation. 
Sometimes I can’t expressed myself through words to the people surrounding me as we live in a society where we have to fit in the certain criteria .
I can demonstrate  my emotions through  collaboration of colours, my thoughts through particular symbols, my point of view through actions of characters  in my paintings, my feelings through artwork forms. 
What do you think about the importance of multidisciplinary work like poetry and art?
I think it is such a beautiful tandem. The one thing is continuation of the other. Poetry without art i’ts seems like a concert with one violin but with art, it becomes a true symbolical orchestra.
How did you become an artist? 
I have started painting from a young age. I attended art school alongside my academic school. Through all the years of studying i developed my technic and gathered all my knowledge in this field. Throughout my life this was my favourite hobby but today I feel that I would like to take it to a professional level  because I have so much to express to this world through my work, so many ideas to fulfil and just simply to share my love for art with other people. 
What is local and what is universal in your way of living art?
The Local are my technics. Otherwise i wouldn’t  say that I have any restrictions or limitation in demonstrating what I’m trying to show in my artwork. 
How important is the exchange with other fields of art? 
We are living in the world that changes every day. It’s very important to be flexible and have ability to invent, to surprise or even shock the world. 
Art changes every day and this is normal. Any new actions is  life and progress. When different fields of art are exchanging it creates something new. Our modern society is always expecting something new, fresh ! A sensation. Without collaboration of different art fields it would be almost impossible to creat exciting new things for this world.